Become a Friend

As a non-profit, we rely on donations to ensure we can execute our mission to connect as many adults as possible with developmental disabilities to affordable, independent housing, and then support their success by helping them integrate into and build community.

The funds we raise allow us to:
  • Outreach to the special needs community in NOVA
  • Educate this community and their families on the housing process
  • Partner with affordable housing developers to set aside an agreed number of units
  • Deliver more than 70 hours of programming monthly
Your support is critical to the long-term growth and success of our mission, and it’s super simple to contribute.

Join our movement today and help transform lives

Below are two options – a one-time donation or a recurring monthly donation. Pledging even $5 or $10 a month goes a long way to helping us fulfill our mission, but we recognize that this isn’t an option for everybody. For our younger adults we’re suggesting a one-time donation of $25.