Meet Max

A big welcome to Max, who recently moved into his own apartment at Gilliam Place.

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Welcome to Gilliam Place, Max

A big welcome to Max, who recently moved into his own apartment at Gilliam Place. 


Max had been looking for an opportunity to live on his own, and as luck would have it, he met Program Director Donna Budway at a Family Fun Night in 2020. Soon after he joined OSG. 

 “Living at Gilliam Place has really impacted me in the sense that it has given me the opportunity to be more independent. I am really proud of the way I have expanded my repertoire of cooking. I am now preparing foods I had never tackled before to include tilapia, new rice dishes and some crazy ice cream sundae concoctions!” 

 Max is also interested in IT, enjoys reading and hopes to someday be a writer. Go, Max!


WATCH: Max getting ready for the big move

WATCH: Welcome to Gilliam Place Max!


Max Loftis

Max in the OSG Book Club

Max with his prize from OSG Bingo Night!

Max bingo winner

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