Meet the new kids on the (Queens Court) block

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Meet Jacob and his roommate Korra, a gorgeous Pyrenees pup. The pair live at Queens Court, our newest community, in a bright apartment covered in Japanese posters. 

This is Jake’s first time living on his own, and he’s loving it! Since moving in a few months ago, he’s made lots of new friends through OSG events and has become increasingly independent.

To get around, Jake uses the nearby public transportation system, organizes his day with a chore chart, and takes care of himself by making delicious home-cooked meals. In fact, in our recent FaceTime call, he was in the middle of cooking rice while telling us all about his new life.

When asked, “What’s your favorite thing about living on your own?” Jake proudly responded, “My house, my rules. I like being self-reliant and doing things my way.” 

This sense of empowerment began after he started house and pet sitting for family members. Jake realized he liked having the place to himself, and the freedom that came with that. As a result, this past year was spent planning his eventual move. With the help of OSG board member Donna Budway, Jake was able to secure a spot at Queens Court. 

Throughout his move to independent living, Jake received support from the OSG team and its members through regular programming, events, community engagement, and guidance as well as help from our partners SafeinHome, who ensured that his new home was safe for him from the day he moved in. To others thinking about living independently, Jake has a few words of advice: “It’s not easy at first, but it’s really rewarding when you do it on your own. I feel very accomplished.”

For more information about living on your own, visit our Accessing Housing page and explore Our Communities.

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