Two NEW communities opening!

Join our webinar to learn about the housing process, our new communities, and securing a spot for your or someone you know.

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Learn about the weekly events we run each week for our OSG community.

Meet Dr. Cleary

Get to know this GWU professor and the class he created that brings together university students and adults with autism.

Get to Know Max

He recently moved into Gilliam Place apartments, read about how he likes it.

In the News

OSG was featured in Arlington Now. This thoughtful piece sums up what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

Cup of Joe

Start your morning off with your favorite beverage in an OSG mug.

What Waiver?

Learn about Community Service Boards and the Medicaid waivers for which you can qualify.

Get Your Drum On

Join us for our next Drum Circle event.

New to the Team

Get to know our new Senior Advisor Mike Keppler.