Events Calendar

Our Stomping Ground offers a variety of programs including book clubs, games nights, art and fitness classes and more. We are always adding new events. Be sure to explore our calendar and register for those programs that are of interest. Some events are open to just residents of a specific community, some are open to residents and Friends of OSG, and others are open to anyone in the Northern VA area.

Walk to TJ 4/17 (In-Person)

Thomas Jefferson Community Center Thomas Jefferson Community Center 3501 2nd St S, Arlington

Join our Cadence and Gilliam Place communities for a weekly walk and games at Thomas Jefferson Community Center (TJ). All are welcome (no matter where you live)! To prepare: Please wear comfortable walking shoes and feel free to bring balls, frisbees, and other fun, easily transportable equipment. Meet up: There are two walking groups that start at 9:00am, so you can meet them outside the front entrance of either Gilliam Place or the Cadence. You can also meet us directly… Read More »Walk to TJ 4/17 (In-Person)

Arlington Dinner Club 4/17 (In-Person)

Ballston Quarter 4238 Wilson Blvd, Arlington

Our OSG Arlington community is getting together each month to enjoy dinner together. Each month, we'll choose a spot near one of our Arlington properties. This month, we're going to Ballston Quarter. To prepare: Please look at the restaurant options here if you'd like to plan where you want to order from. You are responsible for paying for your own order, so please remember to bring a form of payment! Meetup: Please meet at level C within Ballston Quarter at… Read More »Arlington Dinner Club 4/17 (In-Person)

Game Night at the Waypoint 4/17 (In-Person)

The Waypoint 2451 Menokin Dr, Alexandria

Twice a month, OSG is hosting a Waypoint Wednesday guessed it...the Waypoint! For this week, join us to play board games and video games in the community room! To prepare: You don't have to bring anything in order to participate, but, you're welcome to bring your own games. Any video games compatible with the Nintendo Switch are especially encouraged. Meet up: This event will be taking place in the community room on the first floor of the Waypoint. When… Read More »Game Night at the Waypoint 4/17 (In-Person)