Gilliam Place on the Pike!

by Donna Budway

We are in! We haven’t met all of our friends in the building yet, but last weekend, we had our first City Center NOVA meet and greet. The nerves are wearing off and everyone is settling in well – including the parents.

We are planning on starting programming at Gilliam Place by mid January. Our community volunteers are eager and ready to start staffing our after school homework clubs, college preparation and yoga classes. Pastor Ashley Goff and our new friends at the Arlington Presbyterian Church on the first floor, have graciously invited us to worship services as well as their community service and social activities.

The community is great and we are exploring our new neighborhood. The new Harris Teeter just opened down the street and one of our favorite Thai restaurants is a short walk up the Pike. We are trying to ignore the doughnut shop for as long as possible!

Hope you will come visit us soon and join us for one of our upcoming activities. The best part of our City Center NOVA journey, is all the new friends and community we are making. Can’t wait for 2020!!

Gilliam friends – Ben, Emma, Huan and Alex

What are your first impressions of Gilliam Place:
Emma – I am so excited to be moved into my new apartment!
Ben – I am so happy to be part of this community.
Alex – I like it a fricking ton!
Huan – I am really learning about change.

What is the best thing about your new apartment?
Emma – To have friends down the hall.
Ben – The best thing is living with my brother and near my friends.
Alex – Being away from my parents! 🙂
Huan – It is nice and gaining independence.

Has anything surprised you?
Emma – Having my own apartment isn’t as scary as I thought.
Ben – All of the space inside the apartment.
Huan – I get a key and I don’t know how to use it!


What a week it’s been! I’m Katie, Emma’s friend, communicate partner, and now roommate. The apartment offers exciting opportunities for everyone living there. While it’s still new, one thing is clear: It’s a great place to call home. Come by and visit sometime!