Ginny Conroy is the founder and managing director of Social Grace LLC, an organization that offers private social and executive function therapy and coaching, along with many other services. Over her years spent working closely with children and young adults as a special educator and behavior specialist, Ginny honed an individualized, uplifting, and interactive approach to developing her students’ social and life skills, an intentional departure from static, scripted social learning groups.

Following the birth of her daughter Grace and prompted by parents’ growing need for positive and personalized guidance and support for their children, Ginny founded Social Grace, a platform that channeled her passion for propelling young adults to reach their life goals.

What started as an independent coaching practice is today a thriving network of coaches, therapists, and practitioners that provides children, young adults, and their families with the strategies and communities they need to prosper.

Social Grace also provides marriage and family therapy, psychotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, art therapy, social learning groups, summer camps, and is a vendor for the Virginia Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services providing community support services. What sets Social Grace apart from other private therapy practices is their love of community and mission to positively impact each and every client and family they serve. This drives them to offer free parent support groups, and free teen and young adult meetups.