Our Stomping Ground's
Annual Big Give

As we approached our third year, we knew we needed to up the ante, be bold and aim higher than we previously had in terms of our fundraising efforts. Enter the BIG GIVE, launched November 15th.

Our goal was simple: raise $100k in 30 days to help support adults with developmental disabilities and in so doing, continue to create inclusive communities with a wide range of programming, events, access to affordable housing and friendship.

Watch: Our board members Paula Manion, Fredda Hurwitz and Donna Budway explain more about the  BIG GIVE below.


As a team of volunteers, we were hopeful and determined but unsure if our efforts would pay off. We needn’t have worried – with the support of a fantastic community and some truly special anonymous donors, we were able to raise over $113,000!

The Big Give


Raised so far


Fundraising Goal

To those that donated, we cannot thank you enough.

If you missed our BIG GIVE Fundraiser campaign but would like to donate, please feel free to here. We’re always happy to accept donations!

If you would like to learn more about our communities, read more here, and if you’re interested in our programming/events, check out our event calendar here.

BIG GIVE Stories

The gift of never being forgotten

Two of our BIG GIVE donors (who would prefer to remain anonymous), donated in honor of OSG member David Finland. David’s dad, Bruce (OSG Board Director, Housing), tells us these friends have always had a huge impact on David.

According to Bruce, they’ve been close friends of their family for over 20 years. “In that time, they have followed David’s progress from a young teenager coping with the transition into adulthood and the challenges they presented, to present day where David has attained a high level of independence.”

Bruce continued, “Perhaps most important, they never stopped asking about him and his activities. Our biggest fear is that David becomes invisible and forgotten among family and friends. But they at least will never let that happen. That’s the greatest gift we could ask for.”  

Any parent or relative of someone with a developmental disability knows how much being connected, being seen and being remembered really means. Beyond material contributions, this is what our BIG GIVE Fundraiser was all about.

Filling in the housing gap

Real estate business Wasinger & Co. Properties recently named us their charity partner, and as part of the BIG GIVE, helped us spread the word about OSG, sharing why they felt it was important to get involved.

Our Stomping Ground is our first non-profit partner. Their mission around housing equity and community for developmentally disabled adults grew out of a need that Paula and Joe (Manion) saw in their beloved son. This fits perfectly with who we are as a family-owned and operated real estate brokerage that serves the very same communities.

As much as we, as realtors, would love to be able to help every person find a home, we can’t because there are gaps in the way the housing system works. This is where Our Stomping Ground comes in, filling those gaps with a joyful, welcoming community.

We’re honored to donate a percentage of every transaction to their cause of inclusivity, housing equity, and community.”

Thank you to Megan Wasinger and the whole team for their support and kind words. To learn more about Wasinger & Co. Properties click here.

Old World Meets New World

As part of the BIG GIVE schedule of activities, we hosted a Friendsgiving Dinner fondly known as Old World Meets the New World. We enjoyed a four-course meal prepared by Chef Danilo Orofino of Orofino restaurant, that was beautifully paired with hand-selected bottles of wine provided by Impero Wine Distributors and introduced by a master sommelier. We were also treated to a beautiful musical collaboration by OSG members Henry Winters and Harris Claster, who performed You’ve Got a Friend in Me.