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Moving into one’s own apartment community is only part of the equation to a successful transition into independent living. It’s essential to have the proper support and security in place to live a safe, self-directed life.

This is why we’re partners with SafeinHome Technology Solutions. Like Our Stomping Ground, SafeinHome shares our vision of creating accessible living environments that support independent living and encourage lifelong learning.


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Imagine the freeing sensation of exploring things independently while being safe in the knowledge that, should you need it, support is immediately available. SafeinHome support looks like this:

– A simple push of a button to ask a question anytime about anything and reach a familiar, supportive, and patient Remote Support Specialist.

– Proactive, daily check-ins by Remote Support Staff to help with cooking, answering the door, taking medications, etc.

– A non-intrusive wristband that can detect seizure activity, monitor body temperature, heart rate, sleep patterns, and more.

– A wearable mPERS that can provide GPS, geo-fencing, and two-way communication for safety at work, play, or home. 

– A two-way tablet that can alleviate the need for overnight DSP.

In addition, SafeinHome is 100% covered by the 4 ID/DD waivers: BI, FIS. CL and CCC+.

Learn more about these waivers here.


Not only do we share a like-minded vision with SafeinHome, but we’ve also seen firsthand how their technology changes lives. In fact, one of the original SafeinHome clients in Northern Virginia was OSG’s very own Emma Budway.

Emma has a personally tailored system in place that supports her safety needs such as Remote Supports daily check-in, motion and door sensors, a video doorbell, and a ‘smart’ pillbox to guide her medication on her own.

Watch this inspiring story of her journey below.

You can learn more about SafeinHome on their website here.

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