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Shared values are at the heart of our first partnership

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Wasinger & Co. Properties is a local, family-owned real estate company who shares a core value with us: we both believe that everyone deserves a place they can call home. Unfortunately in their daily line of work, they’re unable to provide housing for everyone, which is where we come in.

After much discussion, long-time friends Wasinger & Co. founder Meghan Wasinger and Our Stomping Ground Chair Paula Manion decided to align their collective passions In the name of housing equity, resulting in OSG being named an official partner to the realtor.

“Our Stomping Ground is our first non-profit partner. Their mission around housing equity and community for developmentally disabled adults grew out of a need that Paula and Joe (Manion) saw in their beloved son,” Megan Wasinger explains. “This fits perfectly with who we are as a family-owned and operated real estate brokerage that serves the very same communities.”

“As much as we, as realtors, would love to be able to help every person find a home, we can’t because there are gaps in the way the housing system works. This is where Our Stomping Ground comes in, filling those gaps with a joyful, welcoming community.

“We’re honored to donate a percentage of every transaction to their cause of inclusivity, housing equity, and community.”

For every property bought or sold through an OSG referral, Wasinger & Co. Properties has pledged 25% of their commission to go towards our mission to build inclusive communities for adults with developmental disabilities.

If you or someone you know is interested in buying or selling a home, please consider using Wasinger & Co. Properties and help support OSG. 

You can learn more about Wasinger & Co. by clicking here. When beginning the housing process, please let your real estate agent know that you were referred by Our Stomping Ground.

Thank you to Meg and all the team. What a fantastic way to start the new year!

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